Hi - I’m a BAFTA winning animator, illustrator and artist. I make things that move and things that don’t. Peruse my website for examples of both.You can buy some art pieces on my online shop or get in touch for commissions.

I’m an award winning animator and director. My films have been screened worldwide including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. Notably Codswallop, 365 and Marfa, all of which are available to watch online and on my blog. I’ve won several festival prizes including a BAFTA.

Latest News

May 23, 2023

Sometimes you get a job in that's out of left field. I was asked if I could do some artist impressions of potential urban developments. Yes I said, it'll be like drawing animation backgrounds for an urban psychodrama. Here's the result. Anyone else need anything similar give me a shout.

Off to the Annecy Animation Festival!
May 17, 2023

Off to Anency Animation Festival in June - any peeps want to meet up for coffee/beer give me a shout. Got some new projects to show off!

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